What Is a TLD?

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If you have visited websites of which I presume you have you might have come across TLDs (top level domains). A tld is the label which follows the last visible dot which is in a domain name. There are various top-level domains, and each one is managed by a registrar which assists you the registrant buy a domain name through the registrar. If for example, you are to purchase ingredient.com via hover you will be the registrant, Hover will be the registrar, and Verisign will be the registry for the .com extension. There are many tlds you will see on the internet, and all of them have different functions. Here are the most popular ones and the ones which you can use in registering a domain name.

gTLDs (generic top level domain)

These are the most popular top-level domains which are used. The most common gTLD is the.COM, and for a long time, it was the one out of seven gTLDs that you could select from. In the year 2014 more GTLDs were released. Now there are numerous gTLDs that you can use for your site, and more of them keep on being released each day.

sTLD (sponsored top level domain)

An Stld is a tld which is specialised and its provided by a sponsor who represents the community which the sTLD is meant for. These sponsored top-level domains are for particular audiences, and they contain some strict rules on who can register them and which type of site they can be used for. Here are some examples of sponsored top-level domains. POST (for postal services).GOV (for the USA government) and.CAT (for Catalan language and culture).

ccTLD (country code top-level domain)

A country code top-level domain is a tld made for websites that are in a particular country, territory or sovereign state. Unlike the above TLDs which we have mentioned a ccTLD only has two letters which represent the country that it’s made for. Some country code top levels domains will require a site to move from its location to use the ccTLDs while other CcTLDs can be used by anyone in any part of the world. The result of this is that a lot of sites using a ccTLD more like a gTLD.


There are various tlds in the market today which can be used. Choose the right tld which will cater for the needs of your business or website.

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